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Café Clementine 


A complete redesign of the Café Clementine's branding.

Café Clementine is a restaurant in the middle of the Fruitpacking District in Barendrecht. In the coming years, ±5000 houses will be realized in this area. To prepare the area and make it more welcoming, Café Clementine set up a greenhouse in which sustainable dishes are served.  


Illustrations: Jannina Stuker

Care in a Frictional Field of Forces (2022) (Book)

Care in a Frictional Field of Forces – Assistance and Advocacy by and for Recent Refugees in Rotterdam. Dissertation by Lieke van der Veer.

See the full publication here

Text: Lieke van der Veer

Graphic Design: Studio Janne Beldman

Printed: Ipskamp, Enschede

220x250mm/ 296pages/ romandruk 90grams/ in an edition of 100

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