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Departures (2021)
(Exhibition) (Showroom MAMA)


This exhibition, cast in the form of a travel agency, invites you to explore the position of the tourist. This travel agency does not focus on the destination. While this exhibition places itself within a globalised form of tourism, a specific geographical context emerges, namely the point of departure. This travel agency replaces the travel agency’s model aeroplanes and photo wallpaper with a research station where each work explores its own geography and journey. As a potential tourist in this setting, the visitor is advised to investigate their departure point before the inevitable eruption of post-pandemic travel. Where do you want to go next and how? What will your point of departure be?

Curator: Annosh Urbanke

Exhibiton Space: Showroom MAMA

Artists: Alexandra Martens SerranoDe Ansichten ClubDoina KraalIrene de AndrésMarina PlanasSofía Gallisá MurienteWaèl el Allouche

Graphic design of: plyer, poster, audio tour, window/ floor and wall stickering, socials and merchandise.

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