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A project by Liza Wolters and Hilde Onis.

Orchestrating Coincidence takes on the representation of the in-between, resulting in a series of 30 sculptures that defy the odds by finding connection at their breaking point. By developing a method that aims to constrain but meanwhile evokes accidents, the series’ individual objects have a say in controlling their own contours.

Departing from these notions, they explore existing linear views of (gendered) positive and negative space in sculpture.

The thirty unique sculptures are paired with a two-meter-long emphasizing publication that plays with character assignment. The printed Leporello catalog integrally touches upon what it means to collect and be part of a whole.

Every sculpture comes with a corresponding packaging and
printed Leporello catalog.

The collection as a whole is shown from January 13th until February 26th as an encompassing installation at project space Nieuw Charlois, Rotterdam.

Orchestrating Coincidence (2023) (Exhibition)

Concept & Photography:

Liza Wolters en Hilde Onis 

Text: Liza Wolters en Hilde Onis 

Graphic Design: Studio Janne Beldman

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