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Movement. In this issue, you will find different perspectives on the theme 'movement' with fold-out posters and contributions by Alix Stria, Andrea Galano Toro, Annosh Urbanke, Carla de la Torre, Elsa Casanova Sampé, Lorena van Bunningen, Louise Verstraete, Kexin Hao, Willem de Haan, and Žygimantas Kudirka. SPREAD MAG. invites you to move around in order to get the ultimate experience of their thought process. 

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Photography: Lara Bongard

Graphic Design: Studio Janne Beldman

Editors: Bo Bannink, Katazyna Jankovska

A4/ posters in various formats/ 90grams/ 62 pages / soft cover/ edition of 150. 


In collaboration with: Bo Bannink, Katazyna Jankovska & Lara Bongard.

Kindly supported by Gemeente Rotterdam

SPREAD MAG.No. 5 (2022)


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